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About The Jorge Posada Foundation

Benefitting Craniosynostosis


The Jorge Posada Foundation was a non-profit organization established by Laura and Jorge Posada in honor of their son and his successful struggle with Craniosynostosis.

Craniosynostosis is a condition that affects 1 out of every 2,000 births in the United States. Early surgical intervention by a multi-disciplinary team of doctors is the key to effective treatment of the condition.

The Jorge Posada Foundation worked to raise awareness of the condition in the United States and abroad. We partnered with community-based organizations, medical centers and provided support through our Mentors Network.

The Jorge Posada Foundation also funded, via financial support and grants, the work of U.S. medical centers and some abroad that treated families touched by Craniosynostosis. We also funded innovative and groundbreaking projects that created a deeper understanding of the condition and the required medical treatments.

All the monies raised by the Jorge Posada Foundation was used in a targeted manner in order to maximize our efforts.

We do not provide financial support to individuals or individual families.


The Jorge Posada Foundation | 6619 South Dixie Highway #128, Miami, FL 33143
*Disclaimer: This web site should not be viewed as advice on the treatment and/or diagnosis of Craniosynostosis or any other medical condition.
Advice on the treatment or care of a child suffering from CS should be obtained only through consultation with a physician who has examined that child
or is familiar with that child's medical history.